We're Giving Away A Book A Day (Starting...Now!)


From time to time, publishers will send books to our business office in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Since we don't typically run book reviews, we're never exactly sure what to do with them. But Toby Maloney, who just happens to live upstairs from the office, had an idea. To say thanks to our loyal readers (and to reclaim some of that shelf space), he thought it would be nice to give these books away. So that's exactly what we're doing weekdays in January.

First on the list is Dry Manhattan: Prohibition in New York City, by Michael Lerner (Harvard University Press). It's a new paperback that made the Washington Post Book World Top 100 Nonfiction Books of the Year.

How does one go about winning this intriguing paperback? Each day's contest will be different until we get lazy and start repeating ourselves. Since we're still in the new part of the New Year, let's talk about resolutions. You may be vowing to eat less food and do more pull-ups, but those resolutions aren't going to win you this book. We want your _flossiest resolutions "“ promising to visit the birthplaces of your five favorite Nobel Prize winners, or pledging to memorize pi to 314 decimal places. (Note: Your resolutions will have to be a whole lot better than those.) If you haven't made a particularly _flossy new year's resolution, now is the time.

We'll name a winner tomorrow afternoon, then give away another book. And so on. Good luck!