Our First Book Winner...


My resolution should have been to find a panel of judges to pick the winners of these daily contests. The submissions were really great "“ some were ingenious, others laugh-out-loud funny. But before I pick a winner, here are a few of the runners-up:

From JaneM: I resolve to go back and visit every town I ever lived in every state I lived in (approx 20 towns in 4 states). I will find the most unusual place in that town, photograph it and email it to flossypics@gmail.com along with the info about it.

From Andy: 1) Recreate my intricate hand-drawn map of all 1003 rail trails in the USA and get it mentioned by the Rails to Trails Society. 2) Complete my collection of WPA Era Ranger Naturalist Service posters by the NPS. I must visit the park or monument before adding the print to my collection.

From Catherine Ann: My resolution is to win a free book from mental floss. We could knock this one out real quick now, Mr. English.

From Kaitlyn: My actual resolution is to say yes to everyone who asks me on a date this year. My sis always says the only way to meet the right guy is to be open-minded and give EVERYONE a chance.

From Anna Wagner: My resolution is to find an interesting article and send it to someone new every day. It could be from mental floss, but the rule is that it has to be an article that I genuinely think the person would find interesting. I think this is a great resolution because it will expand my circle of reading and will make me think more about the people I spend company with.

From Chris: My resolution is to compose a symphony... using only an electric -guitar and I don't mean to just write it I also mean to record it. All the instruments of the symphony will be represent my differently tuned guitars ranging from a tuba represented by a bass guitar with fuzzy distortion all the way up to the piccolo represented by a normal guitar tuned higher than is standard. All percussion will be represented by either very low tuned guitars or by hitting guitars guitars together. I intend to make this a full symphony with several movements and probably totaling an hour in length. [Note to Chris: If you go through with this, let us know and we'll happily feature it here.]

From Mike: I'd like to ask Kaitlyn if she'd like to have dinner sometime.

But the winner of Dry Manhattan is Kit, whose methodical approach to her resolution makes me feel like she'll go through with it:

January: Read up on the history of the discipline
February: Identification of Eastern (US) bird species
March: Study diet
April: Study Sociability
May: Learn to sketch birds
June: Study Habitat
July: Build a birdhouse
August: Learn Vocalizations
September: Study Mating/Reproduction
October: Learn to whittle a duck
November: Read about the Science of flight
December: Get awesome crow tattoo

Congratulations! I'll be in touch about your prize. Look for the next book contest a little later this afternoon!