A Treasure Trove of Science Videos

Chris Higgins

As a Public Radio Nerd (PRN), I've long enjoyed Science Friday, the weekly NPR call-in show that brings popular science to the masses. Hosted by Ira Flatow, a certifiable nerd in his own right -- I've run across him in aquarium hobbyist message boards, and Mac nerd message boards -- the show carries the tagline "Making Science User-Friendly™." And I think it succeeds. But it also has deep nerd cred, including a Twitter feed, three podcast feeds, and a website designed by FlatoGraphics: presumably Ira's brother Carl, whose website prominently features an M.C. Escher reference.

But none of that is the point of this post. No, the point here is to reveal the most wondrous trove of SciFri Science Videos I've yet seen -- dozens of awesome science demonstrations, brief nerdy discussions, nature videos, and so on. Check out great stuff like Water Balloons in Space:

Or how about Bending Balloons into Giant Flowers:

There are even non-balloon-related videos. Here's another best bet -- Inside the Seed Vault:

Go check out the SciFri Videos for lots, lots, lots more!