Our Second Book Giveaway: The American Skyscraper


The second book up for grabs is The American Skyscraper, a collection of wonderful photographs by Eric Mull of the 51 tallest buildings in the United States. The publisher was nice enough to send me a copy, too. Right now it's sitting on an end table in my living room, and people seem to gravitate to it. (To be fair, the other options are Parents magazine and the 1997 Morris Knolls High School Yearbook.)

If you're a fan of mental_floss, this book should be right up your alley. In addition to the photographs, Mull includes facts and figures about each skyscraper, and tells the stories about how and why they were built.

How can you win a copy? I'd like everyone to channel their inner architect and pretend you're designing the new mental_floss world headquarters. Tell us one element your building would include "“ stand-up desks modeled after the ones used by Jeopardy! contestants? A room to honor the winners of the Golden Lobe Awards? Best suggestion wins the book (The American Skyscraper one, not the MK yearbook). Good luck!

[Yesterday's winner.]