Our Third Book Giveaway: I Feel Bad About My Neck

Jason English

I had planned to post the winner of our second book giveaway a few hours earlier (in the 5-7pm window), but that plan fell apart. I'd like to pretend I had pressing business to attend to, or there was some sort of emergency. The truth is, I've just got a nagging cold—the kind of cold that required me to put down my laptop and drink two cups of tea while watching college basketball.

I'm a pretty lousy patient, so when I'm sick people often suggest offbeat home remedies ("Did you try eating the Vicks Vapor Rub?") Anything to make me less wheezy and whiny, I guess. Since I feel bad about my throat, Nora Ephron's book of essays seemed like a good choice for our next prize. To win a copy of I Feel Bad About My Neck, here's what you need to do: invent a (faux) home remedy for the common cold. It doesn't have to be proven or effective—in fact, it should be neither. Just make your entries convincing and creative.

I'll pick the winning faux remedy late tomorrow afternoon. And if I'm still feeling sick then, I might just try it.