Friday Happy Hour: Scary Theme Parks & After-School Activities

Jason English

Welcome to the first Happy Hour of 2009! Today's topics include theme parks, after-school activities and inclement weather.

1. Almost two years ago, I wrote about the dangerous history of Action Park, a now-defunct New Jersey amusement park legendary for how unsafe it was. I still get the occasional email from someone wanting to share his or her near-death experiences. But I'm sure Vernon, New Jersey, did not have a monopoly on treacherous theme parks. Did you have one near you?

2. As a former co-president of the TV production club, I know a thing or two about nerdy after-school activities. What's the best club on your resume?

3. A friend of mine was once interviewing someone for a job and asked the candidate what technological advance in the last five years had made the biggest impact on his life. "I'd have to say Microsoft Excel," he answered. (This was in 2002. I would have said the yellow line first down marker. And I probably wouldn't have gotten the job either.) So I'll pose the same question to you "“ what technological advance in the last five years has made the biggest impact on your life?

4. I've just been informed that I'm under a winter storm watch, which does not bode well for our open house on Sunday (first the housing market collapses, now this). What's the worst weather incident you lived through?