Our Next Book Giveaway: Anything for a Vote

Jason English

I don't want to rush up a winner of yesterday's Darwin Awards book giveaway "“ the responses are just too good. So we'll resolve that one over the weekend while I'm snowed in. In the meantime, the next book for the taking is Joseph Cummins' Anything for a Vote. Mr. Cummins did some guest blogging for us before the election, and we have two more copies of his fantastic book to give away.

Since we have two copies, let's have two contests. You can enter one or both:

1. You've been elected President (congratulations!), and you've decided to shake things up. You're going to create three new cabinet-level positions. Secretary of ________, ________ General or ________ Czar. (Or whatever you'd like to name them.) What are your positions called, and who would fill them?

2. I'm thinking of a former Vice President of the United States. First person to name him wins.

I'll pick the two winners for this one on Monday. Have a great weekend!