mental_floss + iPhone = Big Fat Lies!

Mangesh & Jason

Big Fat Lies! is a trivia challenge that presents you with two statements "“ one is true, the other is blatantly false. Your job is to spot the big fat lie. There are over 1,000 statements across several categories, covering history, science, business, entertainment and more.

So if you've got an iPhone and $1.99, head on over to the iTunes Store and let us know what you think. (That link should open up your iTunes and send you right to Big Fat Lies! page of the store. If not, you can search for "Big Fat Lies" and it will come right up.)

The game was developed by Portland's Night & Day Studios, a fine outfit that employs our own Chris Higgins (and doesn't protest too loudly when they catch him writing for us on company time).

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