Let's resolve our Anything for a Vote giveaways. There were two separate challenges:

1. You've been elected President (congratulations!), and you've decided to shake things up. You're going to create three new cabinet-level positions. Secretary of ________, ________ General or ________ Czar. (Or whatever you'd like to name them.) What are your positions called, and who would fill them?

2. I'm thinking of a former Vice President of the United States. First person to name him wins.

Let's tackle these in reverse order. The Vice President I was thinking of was Elbridge Gerry (James Madison's VP from March 1813-November 1814). Two years ago, I was chastised for admitting I'd never heard of him, so now he's always top of mind. The first person to guess Gerry was A.J., so he's our first winner.

As for your cabinet appointees, we have a tie.

Both Steve and Jason will be getting a copy of Anything for a Vote.

From Steve:
Cigar Czar - Zombie Desi Arnez
Guitar Czar - Carlos Santana
Par Czar - Tiger Woods
Sitar Czar - Ravi Shankar
Afar Czar - Captain Robert Falcon Scott
Scar Czar - Harry Potter
Bar Czar - Ted Danson in a Red Sox jersey
Arrr Czar - CAptain Jack Sparrow

From Jason:
Secretary of the Inferior -In charge of addressing the nation's self esteem issues (Dr. Phil)

Specific General - Prosecuting politicians who say they are going to be specific, and then say something very general). (the late Tim Russert)

Zsa Zsa Czar - Czar of diamonds and tongue twisters (Flavor Flav)

Congrats, everybody! I'll be in touch about your prizes.

Estimated time of next contest: later tonight (roughly)