The response to our 'Name x in y minutes' book giveaway has been overwhelming. I'll be announcing four winners "“ one each afternoon through Saturday "“ and posting the winning quizzes, too. A lot of the entries were for quizzes we've already run, so check out the quiz suggestions that appear after you take today's quiz for more x in y fun.

kissing-sisters.jpgOur first winner is Jami Drost, who suggested a 'name the top 10 dog names' quiz. Veterinary Pet Insurance recently analyzed its database of more than 466,000 insured pets to find the most popular dog names of 2008. Let's see how many you can name in 5 minutes. (Here's a hint that gives me an excuse to run this photo from the English Family archives: Bailey is on the list.)

Take Jami's Quiz: Name the Top 10 Dog Names in 5 Minutes

Jami wins a copy of Cormac O'Brien's Secret Lives of the U.S. Presidents (thanks to the fine folks at Chronicle Books). Stay tuned for the next three winners! And a new contest will be popping up shortly.