Friday Happy Hour: First Days on the Job (Plus A Giveaway)

Jason English

1. Mangesh and I were just discussing our memories of past inaugurations. The only one I know I watched was Bill Clinton's in 1993. I was taking a make-up vocabulary test in the library and the swearing-in ceremony was on TV. I do not recall why I was absent the day the test was scheduled, but that's not important right now. And I'm not going to ask you your inauguration memories, because I'd imagine they're not all that interesting, either.

Instead, let's talk about your most memorable first day on the job (any job). One first day I got myself stuck in a stairway and set off a fire alarm right at lunch time, which made a brilliant first impression. But enough about me "“ do you have any good or horrifying first day of work stories?

2. The fine people who bring you this site are on the lookout for potential contributors from English-speaking countries outside the U.S. We figured a good place to start was to look at enjoyable sites from those countries. But an even better place to start is to throw out that question to our discerning readers. Do you know of any non-U.S. writers/bloggers/journalists we should keep our eye on? (You can include links as long as you leave out the 'http://www' part.)

3. We're going to combine the 'Giving Away A Book A Day' with today's Happy Hour, substitute a t-shirt for a book, and keep it really simple. I'm holding a box of 64 Crayola Crayons, and I've picked one crayon. Guess the color correctly and win a mental_floss t-shirt of your choosing. Have a great weekend!

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