Earlier today in my "what our web friends are up to" post, we linked to AskMen.com's "Top 99 Women of 2009" list. For tonight's contest, let's pretend mental_floss was going to name one Top Woman and one Top Man of 2009. The celebrities who most embody the mental_floss spirit, if you will. (And if you'd like a copy of Secret Lives of Great Authors, you must.)

This contest will have two winners. The person whose suggestions ring truest to the staff wins the book. But I realize some of you are new to this site, and "which celebrities most embody the mental_floss spirit" is a pretty ridiculous question to expect you to answer. So a second copy of the book will be given away at random. You can justify your answers or let your names speak for themselves.

Our Latest Winner(s)

useless-info.jpgIt's taken me all day to pick a winner in the Secret Society contest, so I'm giving up and declaring a three-way tie.

Congratulations to Anna ("The Secret Society of Spelling Shame"), Jake ("CLASSIC: Can't beLieve Anyone Still wears that jerSey In publiC") and JohnnyCat ("CHOLA: Canceled Has One "˜L', America"). I was hesitant to pick two spelling-related societies, but JohnnyCat's first order of business—"Take care of that apostrophe/comma mess in the acronym"—pushed him onto the podium. I love acronym humor. I only have one copy of The Book of Useless Knowledge, but I'll email you three to work something out.