Our Next Book Giveaway: Secret Lives of Great Authors (Plus Yesterday's Winner)


Earlier today in my "what our web friends are up to" post, we linked to AskMen.com's "Top 99 Women of 2009" list. For tonight's contest, let's pretend mental_floss was going to name one Top Woman and one Top Man of 2009. The celebrities who most embody the mental_floss spirit, if you will. (And if you'd like a copy of Secret Lives of Great Authors, you must.)

This contest will have two winners. The person whose suggestions ring truest to the staff wins the book. But I realize some of you are new to this site, and "which celebrities most embody the mental_floss spirit" is a pretty ridiculous question to expect you to answer. So a second copy of the book will be given away at random. You can justify your answers or let your names speak for themselves.

Our Latest Winner(s) It's taken me all day to pick a winner in the Secret Society contest, so I'm giving up and declaring a three-way tie. Congratulations to Anna ("The Secret Society of Spelling Shame"), Jake ("CLASSIC: Can't beLieve Anyone Still wears that jerSey In publiC") and JohnnyCat ("CHOLA: Canceled Has One "˜L', America"). I was hesitant to pick two spelling-related societies, but JohnnyCat's first order of business—"Take care of that apostrophe/comma mess in the acronym"—pushed him onto the podium. I love acronym humor. I only have one copy of The Book of Useless Knowledge, but I'll email you three to work something out.