Four Artists Around the World

Andréa Fernandes

January 27 is a significant for four artists around the world. Hendrick Avercamp was baptized on January 27, 1585; Arkhip Kuindzhi was born on January 27, 1842; Seison Maeda was born on January 27, 1885; and Rita Angus died on January 27, 1970. A little about each of these talented artists:

Hendrick Avercamp (1585-1634) was known as "de Stomme van Kampen," or "the mute of Kampen," because he was deaf. The Dutch landscape painter was greatly popular during his lifetime and is still collected today. Queen Elizabeth II apparently possesses an "outstanding collection of his works" that is displayed at Windsor Castle. Shown is Avercamp's "River Landscape," available larger here. If you like Avercamp's work, check out this gallery of his paintings.

Kuindzhi.jpg /

Seison Maeda (1885-1977) was born Maeda Renzō; his art teacher bestowed the name "Seison" on him when Maeda was 17. Although Maeda toured Europe, viewing the art in Rome, Florence, and Paris, he continued to paint in traditional Japanese styles of painting. He went on to become one of the most respected Japanese artists, selected to decorate a hall in the Imperial Palace and to assist in the restoration and preservation of ancient frescoes. Upon his death, he was honored with a 13-story pagoda at a temple for his grave. Shown is Maeda's "Yoritomo in a Cave," available larger here.

Angus.jpg /

Shown is Angus' "Boats, Island Bay," available larger here. If you like her work, check out the Rita Angus: Life and Vision exhibit.

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