Our Next Book Giveaway: FBI 100 Years: An Unofficial History

Jason English

[On Monday, I asked for your best photos with celebrities, and I've been obsessively checking the flossypics@gmail.com inbox ever since. Submissions include presidents, vice presidents, former candidates, other disgraced politicians, movie stars, geek legends, Super Bowl champions, various talk show hosts and so much more. I'll post some of our favorites on Friday. Keep them coming!]

FBI-100.jpg /

Last month, our own Chris Weber sent me this picture of himself posing with the infamous Rod Blagojevich in front of Wrigley Field. I've been looking for an excuse to post it ever since, and I hope Chris (or the governor) doesn't mind if we use the photo as the jumping-off point for today's book giveaway. The prize is a good one—

FBI 100 Years:

, and the challenge is a little different.

We want you to send us your best photo-taken-with-a-celebrity, be it a controversial politician, former child star, Olympic hero or reclusive author. Doesn't matter why they're famous, or how you convinced them to pose with you. Email your photos to flossypics@gmail.com. We'll post some of the more enjoyable submissions on Friday, so you have time to do your scanning.