Town Slogan Contest Winners!!


Two weeks ago, we asked you to come up with new slogans for your towns. Over 350 entries and a dozen "what's the delay?" emails later, we're excited to announce three winners. But before that, let's give a big round of applause to reader Jami Drost of Cleveland, who volunteered to mock up fake Welcome signs. (You can find out more about Jami and see some of her non-signage work at To the winners...

1. Barnegat Light, New Jersey (from Josh)

2. Tombstone, Arizona (from Dan)

TombstoneAFTER.jpg /
EffinghamAFTER.jpg /
MacungieAFTER.jpg /
HoustonAFTER.jpg /

High fives all around. I'll be emailing the winners and runners-up in the next day or two to arrange delivery of your prizes. I only have one copy of The Book of The Bizarre: Freaky Facts & Strange Stories, but I'll see what else is on the bookshelf and we'll work something out. Thanks again, Jami Drost!

A new book giveaway will be posted soon.