The Quick 10: What 10 Movie Props Later Sold For

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5. Luke Skywalker's lightsaber from The Empire Strikes Back was sold at an auction in December for the bargain-basement price of $240,000.

6. John Travolta's white disco suit from Saturday Night Fever was bought in 1978 for just $2,000 by a famous fan: movie critic Gene Siskel. Ebert asked him once if he ever wore it. Siskel confessed that it was too small, but he was just happy to own a piece of his favorite movie. Siskel later sold it for $145,000.

7. The maltese falcon from the movie of the same name went for $398,000 at a Christie's auction, but even better is the $8 million replica based on the real thing. It's 10 pounds of 18k gold with ruby eyes and a 42.98-carat diamond hanging from its beak.

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9. Al Pacino's hat from The Godfather raked in $20,315 in 2006.

10. One of Michelle Pfeiffer's catsuits from Batman Returns sold for $8,050 in 1994.
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So what would you pay beaucoup bucks to own? I'd love to own the cricket bat from Shaun of the Dead, a razor from the most recent version of Sweeney Todd or Tippi Hedren's green dress and jacket combo from The Birds.