As our 'readers with celebrities' gallery proves, you guys aren't shy about showing us your pics. So let's go ahead and try another photo challenge. For this one, your access to approachable celebrities is not required. All you need is a camera and a copy of mental_floss magazine (any issue).

0705.jpgWe're looking for pictures of you with the magazine. Take it skiing or skydiving. Bring it to Mardi Gras, or on your next field trip. Or just have someone take a picture of you wherever you usually read it. (Unless that place is the bathroom. That we don't need.) We'll be awarding several prizes: there's the vaguely named "Best Photo" category, plus we'll give away a series of "Pretty Good Photo" prizes as well. (Prizes to be announced in the next email. Let me revisit our bookshelf.) If coming up with creative poses isn't your thing, we'll be giving away three mental_floss t-shirts at random. Anyone who sends a pic with the mag is eligible.

Email your photos to by Sunday night. We'll post them all next week.

I mistakenly left these two images out of the photo gallery: Debbie & Friends and Dean Powell both posed with Science Guy Bill Nye. So that proves it "“ our readers have met Bill Nye.