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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Psychotic Episode is Performance Art

Art student Anna Odell of the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Sweden staged a suicide attempt and got herself admitted to the psychiatric ward of St. Göran's Hosptial in Stockholm. She struggled with the staff, but later admitted that the whole episode was an act for her senior art project at the school. The hospital staff is understandably upset that Odell not only assaulted health care workers when she was admitted, but she also tied up resources for others who were waiting for help.

Carjacking a Patrol Car

18-year-old John Lewis Johnson was arrested in Dallas for carjacking Saturday. It was his fourth attempt of the day. The car he selected was a marked police patrol car with a uniformed officer inside! Johnson opened the car door and demanded that Sgt. Charles Young surrender his gun and car. Young did not, but instead chased Johnson a short way and arrested him.

Judge Rules TV an Essential Service

A man in Brazil sued appliance dealer Casas Bahia for not replacing a damaged television set he had purchased. In handing down the decision in favor of the plaintiff, the judge ruled that television is an essential part of life.

"In modern life, you cannot deny that a television set, present in almost all homes, is considered an essential good," ruled the judge from Campos, a town north of Rio de Janeiro.

"Without it, how can the owner watch the beautiful women on 'Big Brother,' the national news broadcast or a football game," the judge quipped.

Tractor in Disguise

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Woman Bites Driver Over Non-Hybrid Bus

49-year-old Shelia Bolar had waited an hour to ride a gas/electric hybrid vehicle when she boarded a city bus in New York. The bus was not a hybrid, so she took her anger out on driver Peter Williams. Williams called a dispatcher for security in case Ms. Bolar got out of hand. When he stopped at West 79th street, Bolar grabbed his arm and bit him! Williams was left with bruises but no broken skin. Bolar faces assault charges after a psychiatric evaluation.

Self-dentistry in the UK

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Doctor Jailed for Taking 50 Cents 24 Years ago

In Pratna, India 75-year-old doctor Balgovind Prasad was sentenced to jail for accepting a 50 cent bribe in 1985. The case has been active all this time. Prasad was found guilty in 1992. The judge ruled that Prasad should serve one year, but that sentenced was reduced to three month by a higher court.