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Friday Happy Hour: A Growing Pains Conundrum & Another Book Giveaway

Jason English

1. In one of my previous jobs, I had the good fortune to interview a lot of potential employees. I say "good fortune" because this role gave me steady access to strange resumes. Like the guy who wrote, "For more info, visit my website" (his website showcased a series of pictures he had taken of himself in a mirror, shirtless and smoking). Or the woman who said she was a "licensed psychic" (in the interview, when I asked her to prove herself, she went 0-for-3 guessing my zodiac sign). What's the weirdest thing you've seen on a resume? And if you want to get really honest, what's the strangest thing you ever put on yours? (I used to have a "Favorite Movies" bullet point that helps explain why I struggled to find a job after graduation.)

2. In a 1986 episode of Growing Pains, Mike Seaver stays up half the night writing the answers to an American history test on his shoes. But during the exam, he realizes that he doesn't need to cheat. After earning the highest grade in the class (94), his illicit sneakers are discovered by Mr. DeWitt, and everyone assumes Mike cheated. In the end, after a passionate plea from Dr. Jason Seaver, Mike is allowed to re-take the test, and we are led to believe he proved himself principled.

If you were Mr. DeWitt and caught a student cheating (or at least had overwhelming evidence that the student was absolutely intending to cheat), how would you have dealt with the situation? Bonus points for creative justice.

(Thanks to this bizarre website for providing that episode's transcript.)

3. I'm five months away from my 30th birthday. I don't have one of those "Things To Do Before I'm 30" lists, but maybe I should put one together. (First thing on the list will be writing the list.) Look ahead five years. What's one thing you want to accomplish by 2014?

free_range_chickens_20081010.jpg /

The person with the best response gets a copy of Free Range Chickens by Simon Rich. Here's a brief synopsis:

"Free Range Chickens is a collection of humor pieces that mines more comedy from the absurdities of everyday life in our hopelessly terrifying world. Rich examines life's biggest and smallest questions, from why people check their email every three minutes to God's master plan for mankind."

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