America's Dirtiest Hotels


The horror stories are everything you secretly dread when checking in to an anonymous motel along the interstate, but are too nervous to verify: peek under the pillow and you just might find someone else's hair; run a blacklight over the sheets and you might find something even worse. (Better not to look, that's my policy.) But TripAdvisor asked its many readers to check under the pillows and mattresses, and what they came up with was a list of the 10 dirtiest hotels in the country. (Consider this a skin-crawler of a sequel to our truly disgusting houses post.)

The user reviews of these places are gross, but often delightful, to read. Los Angeles (especially downtown LA) has plenty of horrifying flophouses, but you'd never expect that anyone with the means to stay elsewhere would choose to stay at any of them -- these kinds of reviews are what you get when nice families try and vacation at pay-by-the-hour hotels. Here are a few of our favorite must-miss vacation destinations.

The Hotel Carter, NYC

This place on West 43rd seems to be in hot contention to be named Manhattan's worst hotel. Here are some choice reviews:

"The entire hallway smelt like freshly smoked weed."
"We took a look at the uncleaned beds, one had an ice pack with someone's blood on it and the other bed had no sheets on it."
"Hard to believe hotel has not been condemned!"
"In nearly 30 years of frequent travel -- including youth hostels years ago -- this has been our worst hotel experience yet."
"It makes a crack house look like a Hilton. There are mice roaches, Bed Bugs, and crack heads all living at this Hell Hole!"

"The worst part about it was that at 4am I woke up to a bunch of guys breaking into our hotel room while we were sleeping!!"

Even better, Gadling points out that in 2007, a housekeeper found a corpse under one of the Hotel Carter's beds.

New York Inn, NYC

These folks
caught colds because their room wasn't heated in February but had prepaid for a week's lodging. It got so bad they spent one night sleeping in a movie theater instead of braving their tiny, frozen room.

"The Cabbie Wouldn't even Stop at the Hotel ... The two "couples" in front of us had both just booked the rooms for an hour! The lady finally gave us our key and we walked to our rooms. Walking up the stairs and down the halls was horrible, but nothing compared to when we actually got to our room. As we round the corner towards our room a man comes stumbling out of it!!!! We walked to the door to make sure it was in fact our room, the door was standing wide open and needless to say we saw a little more of a lady than we wanted to. We got out of there as fast as possible, literally running the whole way!"

"We pulled the entertainment unit to block the door for our own safety and slept on top of the sheets with one eye open counting down the hours until dawn."

"Vile, Dispicable, Disgusting Brothel (this is surely NOT a hotel?????)"

The Eden Roc Hotel, Jersey Shore

"If you have a choice between the Bates Motel and the Eden Roc, choose the Bates. At least Norman was pleasant and gave you a nice sandwich with a glass of milk before you realized what a terrible mistake you've made."

"The owner is out of control. She will watch your every move, give you no privacy, and she could care less that the motel is crumbling around her. Don't bother to complian to her, you will get nowhere. We complained to her then she locked the pool for the day, shut off the ice machine, and locked the laundry room. All this she said, is because we were being punished for complaining."

"The manager checked our rooms constantly for visitors. Then at the end of our stay, she made us stand at the street while she checked our rooms for damages. After she got done checkeing she locked the door and said that things were broken, like the ac which we didnt even use because it was almost 65 the entire time we were there. So she did not give us our secrurity deposit back for all of our rooms. When we asked to see the broken items she called the police on us. As he could not do anyting because it was a civil matter, we threatened to sue her for the rest of our deposit. After about a half hour of aurgueing she gave it to us and then addmitted she was trying to "get us for our money.""

Of course, we'd love to hear about your worst hotel experiences, too!