Hoverit Lounge Chair


How cool is it to sit in a levitating chair? The British company Hoverit has a lounge chair that hangs in the air with no visible means of support. True, you see poles, but they aren't attached to anything -they just keep the chair from slipping sideways off the magnets that keep it suspended. Ah, yes, magnets. They repel each other strongly enough to hold an adult's weight several inches off the base. This chair is called The Lounger, which is descriptive, if not memorable. I read the details and even downloaded an advertising flyer, but I can't find out if there's an upper weight limit to this thing. Although I'm not worried about my weight, I can't sit down without two growing children crawling into my lap.

The Lounger is billed as the first limited edition piece of several furniture designs to come featuring the hovering-by-magnet technology. It's possible that future designs will be more aesthetically pleasing. Face it, this is rather ugly. It comes in acrylic, but you can put a mat down on top. You have a choice of circles, hearts, drops, or slots as the design of the holes in the acrylic. The Martha Stewart in me is not impressed. Neither is the Jane Jetson in me, since the idea of a hover chair is to zip around the room without touching the ground.

The Lounger will cost you £5,875 plus delivery charges. That's over $10,000 in American money. If you pay that much, you'd never admit to us that it doesn't live up to your expectations.