Flossing with Twitter

Stacy Conradt

A few of us writers here at the _floss have been exploring Twitter to see if it's a worthwhile tool for us to use with the blog. The answer: we don't know. Sometimes we're pretty interesting (Higgins has a book coming out!) and sometimes we're not (I've taken a cue from Wil Wheaton and have stopped thinking of my iPod as an inanimate object).

But we're out there if you'd like to follow us:
Me - FlossyStacy
Jason - FlossyJason
Allison - FlossyAlli
Matt - FlossyMatt
Chris Higgins - ChrisHiggins
Miss Cellania - MissCellania

As always, we're open to suggestions! And I'm open to hearing about anyone you think I should be following. I'm kind of fascinated by Shaq, Diablo Cody and Seth MacFarlane (apparently his Quagmire voice scares children... go figure).