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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Man's Hand Reattached Twice

Surgeons at Waikato Hospital in New Zealand worked for 13 hours to reattach Bryan Speers' hand on Monday. The 26-year-old had nearly severed the hand working with a band saw in a meat processing plant. The process was more complicated than expected, since Speers left arm was riddled with scar tissue. That was from the previous time he nearly severed his left hand! No word yet on whether Speers will return to his job as a meat cutter.

Put Me In The Zoo

Keepers at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens inadvertently left one otter out in the public exhibit area Sunday when they closed up for the night. On Monday, they returned to find two otters! A wild North American river otter had joined the zoo's resident. Despite the fact that both otters were male, zookeepers speculate that the wild otter may have been looking for a mate and followed the scent of the two female otters, which had been taken to their nighttime  quarters. The wild otter was examined, then later released near the Trout river.

Pink Underwear Protest

The Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women is a Facebook group formed to protest the actions of an Indian group called Sri Ram Sena (Army of Lord Ram). Members of the group were arrested for attacking women in a bar in Mangalore last month. The attack was caught on video.

Pramod Mutalik, who heads the little known Ram Sena and is now on bail after he was held following the attack, has said it is "not acceptable" for women to go to bars in India.

He has also said his men will protest against Valentine's Day on Saturday.

The Facebook group urges its over 28,000 members to send pink chaddis (underpants) to Mutalik's office on Valentines Day in protest.

Saved from a Car Wash

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The Great Atlantic Swimming Hoax

Early last week, news outlets reported that American swimmer Jennifer Figge completed a swim across the Atlantic Ocean from the Cape Verde Islands to Trinidad in 25 days, while sleeping on a boat at night. After the numbers were examined, a correction from the Assiciated Press said that she swam only about 250 miles of the 2,400 mile trip. Figge later said she never intended to swim across the Atlantic.

Koala Gets a Drink

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Police Investigate Screams, Find Singer

Police in Umea, Sweden raided a hostel after hearing a woman's high-pitched screams. They broke down a door only to find members of a South African choir going about their business, preparing food in the hostel's kitchen. The screams that had alarmed police were from a singer practicing for a performance at the Norrlandsoperan opera house!