Friday Happy Hour: Your Most-Watched Movie

Jason English

1. About five weeks ago, I misplaced the spare key to my wife's car. I have no idea how expensive it is to get a replacement, but we're in the process of moving and don't really want to put any money into additional extra keys right now. So I did what came natural "“ I completely ignored it and hoped both for the best (the key turning up) and anything besides the worst (someone finding the key, realizing who it belonged to and driving off in our car).

It's been unseasonably warm this week, and the snow piled beside our driveway all winter finally melted. And when it did, there was the key! So here's the first question: have you ever lost something, been sure it was gone, only to have it turn up much later? You've got to be able to beat my five-weeks-without-a-spare-key anecdote.

2. In honor of Valentine's Day and Friday the 13th, let's talk about dating. You can take this in one of two directions: the romantic (what was your single best date?) or the frightening (what was your absolutely worst date?)

3. Back in 2004 for Spin, Chuck Klosterman put together a list of THE TEN MOST ACCURATELY RATED ARTISTS IN ROCK HISTORY! ("Matthew Sweet sells enough albums to live comfortably, and that seems reasonable.") We're all quick to declare something overrated or underrated. What's an example of something you feel is rated just right?

4. From 1987-1990, I probably watched Back to the Future 200 times. It was the first VHS tape I ever bought. This obsessive viewing was put to good use 18 years later, when I dumped all that knowledge into this Back to the Future quiz. What one movie have you seen more than any other?

5. This isn't as much a question as it is a shameless plug. Until Monday, all of our shirts are 15% off. Just head over to the mental_floss store, fill up your cart and enter the discount code "ReaderLove" during checkout. I'll leave you with some of our favorites:

shirt-matrix-2.jpg /

P.S. I need to crown a winner in last week's Design Your Own Hall of Fame contest. The prize goes to Monika:

Everyday Inventor Hall of Fame: a celebration of those people who invented things that we use in our everyday lives without giving them a second thought. Inductees would, of course, include people like Leonardo da Vinci (for the scissors), Benjamin Franklin (for, among other things, bifocals), and Thomas Edison (for the lightbulb), but some others would be: -Samuel B. Fay, inventor of the paper clip -Josephine Cochrane, inventor of the modern dishwasher -Phillip E. Meyers, inventor of the Scrunchie There would also be historical exhibits detailing the rise of such conveniences as contact lenses or forks (which did not come from one single person), and a hall featuring some of the most bizarre patents or inventions.

Congrats, Monika! I'll be in touch about your prize.

P.P.S. Our next book giveaway will be a haiku contest contest. Stay tuned.