Third Eye Video Camera


So the prosecuting attorney says, "Tell the court exactly what you saw." As if it were that easy! The human brain stores only what we pay attention to. If only we had a unbiased camera recording our observations. Like a third eye. That's what the Third Eye Video Camera does. It will record six hours of video or up to 1200 still pictures of whatever your head is facing. A camera strapped to your head may bring up visions of Al Franken and his helmet cam, but this is much smaller and lighter, although still somewhat dorky-looking. An 8GB micro SD memory card is included, so video and images can be downloaded to your PC (sorry, Mac users). The battery can run for 2.5 hours and can be recharged through an icluded USB cable. You can set the camera to take pictures when the built-in motion sensor is tripped, which makes sense if you are bird watching or waiting to be assaulted or something. Oh yeah, it records audio, too.
Of course, you'll never have it with you or turned on when you witness a crime about which you must later testify. The vendor recommends this camera for biking or hiking. My first thought was sightseeing; instead of a postcard saying "You won't believe what I saw," you could just email a video of what you saw. Out-of-town visitors could see how to get to your home instead of relying on your not-so-accurate directions. You could probably think of more fun uses for this device.

Just use double sticky tape instead of the head-strap and off you go to scare your grandmother and video-tape her while she freaks out.

The Third Eye Video Camera is $299.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer.
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