In case you didn't get enough Presidential Facts from the mag, I have this whole collection of strange facts I've written down about U.S. Presidents. None of them really have anything to do with one another so I've never been able to tie them into a themed post before. But since it's Presidents' Day, I don't think I really need a theme other than that.

1. James Monroe once chased the Secretary of the Treasury out of the White House with a pair of fire tongs.
2. Andrew Jackson may have looked like a hardened old soul, but he was quite the merry prankster: when he was in school, he invited a bunch of prostitutes to the annual Christmas Ball, just because he knew how much it would freak out all of the "proper" attendees. He also liked to move outhouses around so when people went out to use their bathroom, the bathroom was no longer there.
3. John Quincy Adams liked skinny dipping in the Potomac. He thought bathing and swimming in ice-cold water was good for his constitution.
4. Martin Van Buren's autobiography doesn't mention his wife even once.
fillmore5. Queen Victoria once declared that Millard Fillmore was the most handsome man she had ever seen. What do you guys think? Was Millard a hottie? My assessment: no.
6. James Buchanan is the only U.S. President to remain a bachelor his entire life. Some speculated that he was gay, and his extremely close relationship with Congressman William Rufus King didn't do anything to dispel the rumors. The two of them were often referred to as "Mr. Buchanan and his wife."
7. Rutherford B. Hayes and his family spent every single evening in the White House singing gospel hymns.
8. William McKinley's wife suffered from epilepsy. When she had seizures at public events and dinners, McKinley would just drape his handkerchief over her face and carry on with whatever matters were at hand.
9. Teddy Roosevelt was a big eater. It wasn't uncommon for him to take down a dozen eggs for breakfast.
10. Lyndon B. Johnson wore a watch with an alarm on it and liked to set it off when he got bored listening to speeches.