I try to be conscientious about what I eat -- sort of. It's easy to buy good-for-me foods at the grocery store (can I get a whut-whut for Trader Joe's?), but like a lot of people I know, I end up eating out a lot more than I probably should. Of course, even healthy-sounding menu items at a restaurant can be hidden storehouses of fat, sodium and calories, and most of my favorite restaurants would probably be listed on Health Cubby (thanks for the heads-up on that, Higgins), as "vices."

Lest we forget, however, it's also possible to ruin a diet with homemade concoctions. While devotees of fast food fattiness have blogs like Fast Food Nation -- devoted to "life altering innovations in the fast food industry" -- to keep them entertained (and vaguely grossed-out), now the cook-at-home crowd can turn to This is Why You're Fat, chock-full of jolt-you-out-of-your-seat reminders of just how much more calorically overboard one can go when left to their own devices than even in the fattiest of fast-food joints.

For example, I give you the meat ship, whose creators guesstimate that it works out to about 17,000 calories total.

Or, leaning a bit more architectural, there's the Ultimate Snack Stadium (via Kylebunch), complete with Slim Jim goalposts, reservoirs of queso and salsa for the end zones, fans made from assorted popular snack foods and the stadium itself constructed from 58 Twinkies:

These are gross exaggerations, naturally, but also stomach-churning object lessons which drive home the point that you're really the master of your own caloric destiny -- stay in or eat out, stick with pre-packaged portions or get creative, it's still all in your control -- and it only takes one Meat Ship to sink your diet!

Other horrifying creations you should check out:

"¢Â the heart attack sandwich

"¢ forget TerDuckHen, it's the 12 bird true love roast

sloppy joe on a Krispy Kreme

(Whew. I feel fat just looking at these.)