orangesOne of my best friends is having a baby in about"¦ oh"¦ five weeks. Give or take, you know how those things go. She hasn't really had any weird food cravings (just oranges and lots of orange-flavored things), but she inspired the Quick 10 today nonetheless. It's gotten somewhat normal to crave weird combos like pickles and ice cream, but sometimes moms-to-be crave minerals like talc (reports of ladies noshing on talcum powder are apparently not uncommon). The results of a survey conducted by reveal 10 of the most common strange pregnancy cravings.

1. Ice
2. Coal
3. Toothpaste
4. Sponges
5. Mud
6. Chalk
7. Laundry Soap
8. Matches
9. Starch
10. Rubber

Other strange cravings that didn't quite break the top ten include bricks, newspapers and raw sausages.

Here's a bonus list for you today: celebrity cravings.

1. Britney Spears "“ reportedly craved dirt.
2. Victoria Beckham "“ smoked salmon.
3. Tina Fey "“ Entemann's mini chocolate donuts.
4. Minnie Driver "“ olives. She didn't specify whether she had a preference as to green or black.
5. Jennifer Lopez "“ salsa, M&Ms and orange soda.
6. Angelina Jolie "“ Reese's Pieces.
7. Madonna "“ poached eggs.
8. Rebecca Romijn "“ lemonade and soy cream cheese.
9. Gwen Stefani "“ Tabasco. OK magazine said she carried a little bottle of Tabasco around in her purse during her pregnancy and used it on everything.
10. Katie Holmes "“ cupcakes.

I'm intrigued to see what I crave when I get pregnant one of these days"¦ I experience some strange cravings as it is. There was one winter where I could not get enough grapefruit. I was eating it a couple of times a day for like six weeks. Anyway, be sure to share your (or your significant other's, or your mom's, or your sister's"¦ whatever) weird pregnancy cravings in the comments. Whoever offers up the one we deem weirdest wins a free onesie or tee from the mental_floss store!