More Ladies Playing Ukuleles


Based on the feedback to my original post on Ladies Playing Ukuleles, there's a great hunger for web videos of ladies rocking out on the uke. In an effort to deliver more uke (the folky equivalent of "more cowbell"), here are some more favorites, as suggested by commenters.

Kate Micucci - Dear Deer

LA superstar Kate Micucci has been popping up all over lately -- on TV's Scrubs as The Gooch, in the band Garfunkel and Oates (ahem), and in the awesome video below, directed by Raul B. Fernandez. See also: Kate's homepage. (Hat-tip to Miss C. for linking to this video a few weeks back.)

Bonus video: Kate's performance of "Screw You" on Scrubs. (Warning: ever so slightly inappropriate.)

Danielle Ate the Sandwich - "Dream a Little Dream of Me"

A sweet song in front of a sweet fridge. See more of Danielle's work on her YouTube page or her MySpace page.

Amanda Palmer - "Creep"

Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls does a killer version of Radiohead's "Creep" on uke. It's even a little...creepy. For more Amanda Palmer music, check out her MySpace page.

Janet Klein - "Tonight You Belong to Me"

Janet Klein teaches you how to play the classic song "Tonight You Belong to Me." See also: The Sweetest Song Ever. Grab your uke and play along!

Tsuji Ayano - "Kaze ni naru"

Translated as "I Become the Wind," this is the theme song from The Cat Returns, a 2002 Studio Ghibli film.

What Else?

I'm sure there are still some great uke-playing ladies I haven't linked to yet. Please share your favorites in the comments!