Our Next Book Giveaway: Discover Your Inner Economist

Jason English

I'd promised that our next book giveaway would be a haiku contest and asked for topic ideas. Jami Drost* offered this suggestion:

With the impending comeback of the Pet Rock (complete with the promise of promotional scavenger hunts in six cities this April), it might be fun to make the haiku a tribute to a favorite toy or fad from your childhood.

So let's hear it. G.I. Joe? My Little Pony? M.A.S.K.? Start counting syllables and hit us with your ode-to-toy haikus. The best, as selected by an esteemed panel of freelance judges, wins a copy of Discover Your Inner Economist by Tyler Cowen.

*You may remember Jami Drost from such posts as Name the Top Ten Dog Names in 5 Minutes and Town Slogan Contest Winners!!. She is on a tear, and she just won a t-shirt for her topic-suggesting prowess.