Win an Oscar-winning Film!


We've got an unopened, brand new release of an Oscar-winning film to give away today. The DVD is yours if you can guess the name of the film.

Here are some hints: 1. It won at least one Oscar sometime between 1980 and 2000. 2. Among the categories for which it was nominated (but did not necessarily win): Best Actress in a Supporting Role

That's it! First one to drop the correct movie title in the comments below takes the DVD. (One guess per comment please! But enter as often as you'd like with separate comments.)

WE HAVE A WINNER! Sarah was the first to name the film: YENTL. (Amy Irving was nominated for Best Supporting Actress but did not win in 1984) Sarah, you win a new 2-disc DVD with a the Theatrical Cut (Widescreen Feature) Director's Extended Cut (Widescreen Feature) with added scenes from director Barbra Streisand's Archives. We'll drop you an email and be in touch soon.