Magazine Sneak Peek: Worthless Inventions You Definitely Need!

Mangesh & Jason

This issue's Scatterbrained section is packed with great stories and anecdotes, but perhaps the page that's closest to my heart is the one on Lazy Furniture. At the top of that list is Selfy. Here's Adam Rosen's quick take on a new gadget I just realized I need:

Selfy, The Self-Making Bed
The train reduced travel time by weeks; the airplane by months. But in today's fast-paced world, timesavers are measured in minutes and seconds. The creators of "Selfy," the bed that makes itself, claim that their invention saves you a full 15 seconds a day. That adds up to 105 seconds a week, or 98 minutes a year, which is precisely the length of time you would need to watch 1986's Short Circuit, starring Steve Guttenberg and Alli Sheedy. See how Selfy helps you make the most of your time?

The other inventions are going to be equally important to your life. Of course, if you want a peek you're going to have to pick up an issue! Thankfully we've made that easy too"¦ just follow the links below to get a copy today.

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