Food News from The Onion


Continuing the week-long tradition of me blogging about weird food that people eat , I wanted to share a series of delightful little food-related news items from The Onion, courtesy of their April 2007-launched satirical video news service.

The fast food feedbag

Tired of having to waste energy using your hands to eat? Well, fast food just got a little more convenient: blended and squirted into a bag strapped to your head! It may seem outlandish and silly to us now, but how do you think our current fast-food habits would seem to a time-traveling Victorian? Pretty darn outlandish, I'd imagine -- as evidenced by Sonic's new Pancakes on a Stick.

So you thought that was gross and strange? Have you been to KFC lately?

Domino's Tests Limits Of What Humans Will Eat

Where do these fast food scientists come up with innovations like Pancakes on a Stick and the KFC Chicken and Biscuit Bowl? As usual, The Onion has an answer: in the lab.

The New No-Food Diet

Let's say you're grossed out by the new trends in American eating. The only problem is, you've got to eat something -- but what? A diet book author and guest on the Today Now! show has the answer, with her new book Don't Eat Your Desk! If you've ever been intrigued by pica as a form of weight control (and not just a psychological disorder), check this segment out. (Warning: contains a mild but technically NSFW word or two.)