Every year, Duck brand duct tape sponsors a contest called Stuck at Prom, in which high school students design and create their own prom attire using duct tape. Who wants to wear duct tape to their prom? Anyone who wants to win scholarship money! The couple who wins first prize gets a $3,000 scholarship each, plus their school gets another $3,000. Second and third places pay well also.

The first competition was in 2001. Sarah Silva and Mitch Houseman of Arroyo Grande, California wore this lovely coordinated ensemble made of yellow and black duct tape. They said it took 40 $hours to make these outfits; I would have guessed it took much longer. The couple split $5,000 in scholarship money.


Duct tape fashion, or even formal wear, is not limited to the prom. Even when no prize is on the line, people love to make things out of it. Walter Chang has made quite a few coats and accessories out of duct tape. He made this ensemble for himself and his date for the Class of 2002/2003 Winter Semi-Formal. He models other duct tape creations at his website.


Joyce Lotta and Kevin Thomas were married in clothing made of duct tape in 2001. Fashion designer Brian McKinney used 48 rolls of duct tape for the bridal dress and the groom's jacket. Sculptor Todd Scott made accessories and flowers from duct tape. The wedding was sponsored by Duck brand duct tape. See more pictures in this gallery.

The Duct Tape Guys have a blog devoted to America's favorite sticky tape. They posted the top ten reasons why you should wear duct tape to the prom, but the list grew to 18 reasons. I like this one:

Duct tape two cars together to make a limo.

I suppose that would look something like the above picture.

Katy and her friends made these dresses for the 2000 Freshman Formal Dance and sent the pictures to the Duct Tape Guys. You'll find tips on making prom clothing here and here.

The rules for the Stuck at Prom contest don't require you to dress yourself entirely in duct tape, but you can see what kind of clothing wins. If you just want to accessorize with duct tape, you can still enter. Start with something simple, like making a wallet out of duct tape. You'll find instructions at WikiHow.

There are several ways to make your own duct tape shoes, from simple flip flops to these colorful slippers.

It's prom after all, so you're going to need a corsage. Instructables will show you how to make a floral corsage that will last forever from duct tape. They'll also show you how to make a tie.

For the Duck brand contest, you are supposed to make your own outfits and/or accessories. But if you aren't competing, you can buy ready-made accessories made of duct tape from Duct Tape Fashion, including these purses.

Last year's Stuck on Prom winners were Sharon Dranko  and Joshua Humm who attended the prom at Center Area High School in Monaca, Pennsylvania. They initially came in second in internet voting, but were declared winners after it was determined that the first-place couple received a huge number of votes from invalid email addresses. Dranko's dress weighed 50 pounds and took over 140 hours to construct!
The entry period for the 2009 Stuck on Prom competition begins on March 2nd. See the complete rules here. For inspiration, see the gallery of past entrants. Of course, if you decide to do this, please send us pictures!