mental_floss sells out! (How to get your mitts on our first issue)


A lot of flossers have written in to ask how they can get copies of the first few issues of mental_floss. Because those magazines sold out a long time ago, we generally advise people to rub a rabbit's foot, wish on a shooting star, and then save up enough cash to bribe Santa.

But now there's another option thanks to this eBay auction! While we have no personal or professional affiliation with the seller, we figured some of you "completists" might appreciate knowing that it includes several sold-out issues, including the almost-impossible-to-find premiere issue from (gasp) 2001. Bidding ends Saturday, it appears.

In any case, if you've have any other gaps in your collection (and don't want to pay eBay prices), you can grab most of the back issues on our store for just $6 a pop. Or you can buy all 31 available issues for a little under $60 by picking up the Complete-As-It-Gets set here.