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Friday Happy Hour: The Most Influential Movies (1984-Present)

Jason English

1. We've been busy promoting the new issue of mental_floss, in which we name The 25 Most Influential Books of the Past 25 Years. If the topic were The 25 Most Influential Movies (1984-Present), what would you nominate?

2. With this next question, I sound a lot like Captain Clarence Oveur in Airplane!. But I'll ask anyway. Have you ever been to a Presidential Library? Was it worth the trip? If you had to pick one, which library would you honor with your presence?

3. It was four days after my daughter was born and I hadn't shaved in almost a week. I was overjoyed, but also overwhelmed and overtired, and my stubble exaggerated both emotional states. I've been turning down offers of hot towel shaves at various barber shops since before I hit puberty. This was the time to splurge.

Shave_000.jpg /

A towel was placed over my eyes, so all I heard was the rustling of cheap plastic. And then all I felt was pain. After hearing any one of the following sentences, I probably should have called it quits: "I left my good razor at home." "I just bought the cheapest Bic blades they had at Kings." "These blades wear out so fast it's gonna take me a while." "Don't worry, it's not a lot of blood."

Forty minutes and $41 later (more than double the price of the non-Signature Service), some of the stubble was gone. I could finish the job at home. Eventually, my cuts would heal. But I couldn't get back that splurge. Have you ever treated yourself to something, big or small, and been disappointed?

4. What will you name your next pet?