Keanu Reeves Washes His Kidneys?


This just in from the Daily Mail: Keanu Reeves, David Beckham, and Sean Connery are stumping for Viagra-style drugs in China "“ apparently without their knowledge.

According to the Mail, the stars have appeared in badly dubbed commercials promoting the product, called USA Selikon. In the ads, David Beckham reportedly says, "It's also the secret weapon with which I can satisfy Victoria"; Sir Sean Connery claims he recommends the drug to his "aged friends" and that it has spiced up his sex life with his wife "Barbara" (Connery has been married to Micheline Roquebrune for 32 years); and, perhaps the most confusing and amusing, Keanu Reeves claims, "The feelings after my kidneys got washed by USA Selikon capsules are surprising. And my girlfriends were also surprised." What does that even mean?

Here's the video. Can anyone translate to confirm?

Chinese ad
by accidentalsexiness