Heated Mighty Pants


By March, I am very tired of cold temperatures, and looking for ways to make next winter more tolerable. Yesterday, I rode on the passenger side during a pizza run, and had the pleasant experience of holding a hot pizza box in my lap on a 30 degree day. The driver joked about me wrapping myself completely in fresh-baked pizza to stay warm. If only!

Then I came upon this post featuring heated pants. This might be just the thing for me! The Burton LTD Heated Mighty Pants are marketed toward snowboarders, but I don't see why they wouldn't be worn every day in cold weather. They work like an electric blanket, with a battery pack and controls that fit in the pants pocket. Besides the electrical parts, the pants are made of waterproof Dryride Durashell fabric on the outside, insulation in the middle, and mesh vents inside in case you start to sweat.

I can see this as useful for building snowmen, for walking to the store when the roads are too slick to drive, for shoveling snow, scraping windows, and all those other unpleasantries associated with winter. I can even see using these pants for lounging around the house while you turn the thermostat down to save money. I didn't see what kind of batteries these use, but I bet they can be recharged. But the best part? These electric pants were $269.95 (it's a sports accessory after all) but are on sale for $121.48. You might think that's still pricey for pants, but it makes sense for a pair that you'll wear daily in cold weather for years to come. Oh yeah, these are ladies pants. I couldn't find the equivalent in men's pants at the site, but these look pretty much unisex to me, if you can figure out what size to order.