Video Games in Reverse

Chris Higgins

Meme alert: Twitter users have started reversing narratives. It started with BackFlicks, a process in which movie plots were rewritten in reverse -- for example, "Bambi: A deer abandons his family to play in the woods with small animals and live with his mother." (See a zillion more on Twitter.) Well, the new jam is BackGames, in which video game plots are reversed, with hilarious results. Here are a few favorites:

Donkey Kong: Pauline takes her boyfriend to the top of a building. There, she dumps him for a giant ape, and the heartbroken plumber climbs down the scaffolding.

Legend of Zelda: Link offers Princess Zelda to the gods, in order to summon Ganon. Link then roams the countryside, hiding pieces of the triforce & reanimating Ganon's monsters.

Pacman: Pacman fills mazes with dots, pausing only to regurgitate fruit & ghosts.

Read the rest (be sure to check out the comments), or read more on Twitter. Got a BackGame, BackMovie, BackSong, etc. to share? Comment away, people!