The 5pm Quiz: Long Live Latin!


Over the past few years, we've cranked out hundreds of quizzes. Chances are you haven't aced them all just yet. We'll be re-running a quiz from the archives each day at 5pm. Now we've even got a graphic.

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Latin is known as the "dead language" because not too many people who aren't actively engaged in various religious ceremonies have a pressing reason to use it. Save, of course, a select few, including: lawyers, arborists/botanists and entomologists.

We've briefly resuscitated this root language in both a charitable effort to revive the moribund word and test your personal knowledge of the ancestral tongue that helped spawn the romance languages. The following are Latin phrases still very much alive and kicking in highly-specific niche fields of study. Can you tell whether the phrase is a legal term, plant/tree, insect or biblical quote?

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