$50 Challenge: March/April

Andréa Fernandes

The Challenge:

Using the current issue (March/April) of mental_floss magazine, submit the answers to all 10 of the following questions to flossychallenge@gmail.com.

The Prize:

The first person to submit the correct answers for all 10 questions to flossychallenge@gmail.com wins a $50 gift certificate to the mental_floss store.

The Questions:

01. According to Alexander Exquemelin's memoir, what compensation could a pirate expect after losing his right arm?

02. An emergency surgery in 1917 prompted the creation of the Royal Flying Doctor Service 12 years later. What tools were used in that surgery?

03. What frightening experience inspired the design of the car that became the original TV Batmobile?

04. A man was arrested and charged with DWI in 2008 while using one of "the world's laziest inventions." Which invention was he using?

05. Paulo Coelho pioneered a surprising new way to sell books. What American author used his technique on Oprah's Web site with successful results?

06. In the 1970s, dot patterns were added to Aboriginal painting. Why?

07. What, according to Toni Morrison, serves as a tribute or memorial to the millions of African-American slaves?

08. The transportation system of the Mafeking Cadet Corps (forerunners of the Boy Scouts) was eaten. What happened?

09. In 1802 Jean-Baptiste Lamark left his mark on the future of high school science curricula. How?

10. Who sent in this month's Six Degrees challenge?

Now submit your answers to flossychallenge@gmail.com!

Major thanks go to loyal reader and sometimes contributor Terry Fernandes (quizzes and article) for help crafting this challenge.