Be Amazing ... the Movie!


Longtime readers may recall a number of other films I've created for mental_floss, including Famous Last Words and Attack of the Parasites! It's been awhile since I've unveiled a new floss movie, and for those rabid fans who've been wondering where the next one is (uh ... I'm sure there are a few of you), wait no longer! I and a small team of talented animators have been working on a super fun promotional video for Be Amazing! for A YEAR -- and we pulled out all the stops. It was created with cutting-edge motion capture technology (which is why it took so darn long), and it dramatizes one of my favorite chapters of the book: "How to Destroy Civilization with Nanotechnology." So check out the video, buy the book and Be Amazing! (Or, click here to watch it in full HD!)

(It may take a minute to load ... it's high-def, after all.)

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