Solve the mystery and score some Charles Todd

David K. Israel

Yesterday's Creatively Speaking interview with Charles Todd can be found right over yonder. You'll need to review it if you want solve our mystery and pick up one of the two copies of their new mystery, A Matter of Justice.

After the jump, you'll find 4 questions related to their interview and a question/code that needs cracking. When you've cracked the code, e-mail all 5 answers to us here and we'll randomly pick two who've scored 100% and send you the book for free.

Please don't reveal any answers in the comments below. Thanks, and may inspector Ian Rutledge be with you.

For each answer below, Charles=1; Caroline=2; neither Charles nor Caroline=3 1. Who has been to South Africa, Charles or Caroline? 2. Who explains how the duo doesn't rely on outlines when they write? 3. Who mentions The Strand Magazine and why? 4. Who liked to read aloud stories by the author who created Sherlock Holmes? 5. Put the four numbers you now have in order so that question #1's number is first, question #2's number is second, and so on. This new, four-digit number has something in common with the following: What can this strange device be?/When I touch it, it gives forth a sound/It's got wires that vibrate and give music/What can this thing be that I found? What's the connection and what's the secret code? E-mail us: