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Friday Happy Hour: Pleasant Co-Workers, Late Nights & Underrated Vacations

Jason English

1. The comments are still pouring in under Stacy's latest Quick 10, "The 10 Most Annoying Things Your Co-Workers Do." Nobody loves a good annoying co-worker story more than me, but let's take the opposite approach "“ what's the nicest thing any co-worker has ever done for you?

2. My wife, daughter, dog and I live extremely close to an elementary school. So close, in fact, that when I'm standing in my kitchen at this time of year, I can see directly into the classrooms. (By mid-April, leaves obscure the view.) Last night at 10:48pm, I noticed one classroom had its lights on. In a completely non-stalkerish way, I peered out my window to see whether someone was actually still working. The teacher most certainly was.

So this is a two-part question. First, for the teachers or former teachers out there: what's the latest you've stayed at school? I know teachers don't get to call it quits when the afternoon bell rings, but 10:48pm is more than eight hours after the school day ended. Second, for everyone: what's the latest you ever had to stay at work?

3. What's the most underrated place you've ever taken a vacation? By that, I mean someone would not be immediately impressed after learning of your destination. But that initial reaction would be wrong.

4. I don't stay up late enough to watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, so I have no opinion on the show. But if you were put in charge of creating a new talk show called Midnight on a major network, who would be your first choice as host, and what would you do to breathe some life into the traditional talk show format?