Kid Finder


We sometimes joke that women have an inbuilt object-locating organ that men don't have so we know where everything is, and men can just ask instead of looking for an item themselves. We call it a "uterus". However, it only works for items that don't move about on their own.

Kid Finder helps us keep track of things that wander, namely kids and pets. You put the transmitter on the child, and tune in on one of four available channels on the receiver. The receiver will tell you whether the child is in front of you, to the left, or the right. If you don't get a signal, turn around -the child may be behind you. There's also a code to follow to figure out whether you're "hot" or "cold".

445_kid-finder-remote-2.jpg /

As a bonus, the transmitter has an SOS button the child can press when he/she wants mommy that will send an alarm to the receiver. Once your child learns to use it, you'll want to restrict the wearing of the transmitter to outings.

The range of this device is 98 feet indoors and 295 feet outdoors, which may be really handy for kids or pets, but makes this device quite useless for keeping up with your spouse or teenagers. They are perfectly capable of calling home and lying about where they are. The product page says this device is handy for keeping up with your luggage. That may be right, if you are looking for your black bag amongst hundred of identical black bags on the airport carousel, but it won't do a bit of good for a bag misdirected to Budapest while you're waiting in Cleveland. My kids saw this and immediately though that it would be an awesome way to cheat at Hide and Seek. I thought about the possibility of attaching a transmitter to my coffee cup, since I often set it down in very odd places.

Kid Finder uses 4 AAA batteries and retails for $108. The manual is in Japanese, but you weren't going to read it anyway.

(via Coolest Gadgets)