Announcing the Tournament of Genius

Mangesh & Jason

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The Tournament of Genius

Over the next few weeks, we'll be having a little March Madness of our own here at Instead of playing hoops, though, we'll be working to put the title of "History's Greatest Genius" on its rightful owner. To find this singularly great thinker, we're having a single-elimination tournament to settle the debate about humanity's greatest mind once and for all. Is it Albert Einstein? Sir Isaac Newton? Evel Knievel? (Every tournament needs its Cinderellas.)

The Selection Committee

Ethan Trex headed up our selection committee, which included various mental_floss employees, their significant others, and a few curious, opinionated strangers who happened to pass by our table during our heated debate.

The Schedule

The play-in game is scheduled for 2pm today, and we'll have 8 matchups each day for the rest of the week. The Tournament continues throughout March, eventually narrowing the field to the Final Four Geniuses on April 4th. Take a look at the bracket, read up on the field's achievements, and then check back later this afternoon to start casting your votes!

Who's the greatest genius in history? We'll find out on Monday, April 6th.