(8) Bill Gates vs. (9) Steve Jobs

Tournament of Genius

(8) Bill Gates

Is there anything new to say about Gates? Microsoft co-founder. Owner of a $58 billion fortune. Groundbreakingly generous philanthropist. Executive producer of that Windows 95 promo video starring Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry. Hero to hilarious mugshot collectors everywhere. You may get sick of hitting ctrl-alt-delete when Windows craps out on you, but even the most inveterate Mac user has to grudgingly give Gates some respect.

(9) Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs may be one of the computing industry's most brilliant minds. Just ask Steve Jobs! His list of achievements is impressive. Jobs built both Apple Computers and Pixar into the revered cultural juggernauts they are. Are you reading this while listening to an iPod and wearing Finding Nemo pajamas? Then you've got Jobs to thank.

The Breakdown

You can debate Mac vs. PC all you want. (Just ask Justin Long and John Hodgman.) Who's the bigger genius, though? The cool, charismatic geek rock star Jobs or the wholly unimposing world dominator Gates?


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