(7) General MacArthur vs. (10) Colonel Sanders

Tournament of Genius

(7) General Douglas MacArthur

MacArthur had the sort of brilliant military career new recruits can only dream of. He became a general in 1918 following World War I, and later became Field Marshal of the Filipino army. It's his service in World War II that makes him a legend, though. Despite inadequate resources and support, MacArthur gradually forced the Japanese out of the Southwest Pacific Theater, and once the war was over, he served as the Allied Commander of the Japanese occupation for six years. When the Korean War broke out, MacArthur became the commander of the United Nations' forces in the conflict.

(10) Colonel Harland Sanders

If they awarded a Nobel Prize for deliciousness, the Colonel would be a laureate. Sanders' handwritten recipe for a blend of 11 herbs and spices is still the driving force behind KFC, which used the Colonel's culinary expertise to pull in $520 million in revenue in 2007. As if cracking the code to delectable chicken didn't make Sanders a genius, he also managed to become the most famous Colonel in history even though he never attained the rank during his military service. On top of that, he single-handedly made the white suit and string tie appropriate attire for successful Southerners.

The Breakdown

Who do you like: the real-deal general or the fake colonel? In most matchups, Sanders' bizarre fashion sense would be a trump card, but MacArthur's corncob pipe is a formidably unique accessory in its own right. You can't go wrong with either of these great American heroes, but can MacArthur apply his famous "I shall return" promise to the second round?


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