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(2) William Shakespeare vs. (15) Matt Drudge

Tournament of Genius

(2) William Shakespeare

You may remember Shakespeare as arguably the greatest and most influential author. That should about do it. What, you want more? Okay, try this one on: the guy had the confidence to name his son Hamnet.

(15) Matt Drudge

If you want conservative news on the Web, you want it quickly, and you want it all in one place, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better source than the Drudge Report. Drudge has been peddling news and gossip since the mid-90s, but he quickly rose to fame by being the first source to break stories ranging from Bob Dole's choice of running mate in 1996 to the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Today, the Drudge Report may not have the Web's biggest news readership, but it certainly has the most devoted, with millions of users visiting the site nearly twenty times per day. Plus, Drudge helped put the fedora back in the media's wardrobe, which has to count for something.

The Breakdown

Shakespeare might have remarked on Drudge's quick-scoop tactics and decidedly 1997 site design, "Though this be madness, yet there is method in "˜t." The Bard tapped into huge Elizabethan audiences by carefully mixing the highbrow and the lowbrow, while Drudge has tempted modern news junkies with his mix of sensationalism and speed. Just imagine if these two had been able to cover the Lewinsky debacle together. So many ribald puns"¦.


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