(8) Shigeru Miyamoto vs. (9) Alfred Hitchcock

Tournament of Genius

(8) Shigeru Miyamoto

When it comes to video game pioneers, no one can quibble with Miyamoto's credentials. Check out this resume: the Nintendo guru created the Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers, and The Legend of Zelda franchises. He also found time to invent the wildly successful F-Zero and Nintendogs lines. More recently, he's made weight loss fun with his invention of Wii Fit. You may not know Miyamoto if you passed him on the street, but chances are he's taken up more hours of your life than anyone else in this tournament.

(9) Alfred Hitchcock

Impressed by quantity? Hitchcock directed over 50 feature films during his 55-year career. More concerned with quality? The titles speak for themselves. Psycho. Vertigo. North by Northwest. Rear Window. The Birds. Dial M for Murder. And on and on. Hitchcock's singular visual sensibility, quirky cameos, and droll knack for black humor, combined with his mastery of suspense, ensure that his place in the cinematic canon is unassailable. This is the guy that put scissors in Grace Kelly's hand, told Janet Leigh to take a shower, and dangled Cary Grant off of Mount Rushmore; how can he not be a genius?

The Breakdown

It's tough to argue with either of these choices, but 8-9 matchups are supposed to be tight. Just ask yourself which is tougher for you to envision: a world without Mario or a world without Norman Bates?


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